Key Dimensions of Organization Readiness for Social Learning #TK10


  • Culture – Receptive environment for learning (Community, Culture)
  • Community
  • Support (Sbstantive upper-level support, tangible signs of support from senior leadership, budgetary, organizational clout)
  • People (High level of ability to execute)
  • Processes (High level of ability to execute)

    • We’re looking for processs that can be leveraged to suport successful social learning, especially in the areas of knowledge management and “agile” conent development.
    • Platform(High level of ability to execute)


Building a Team for social learning


  • Stakeholder

    • Content

      • ID
      • Tech Comm
      • KM
      • Information Architect

  • Technollogy

    • Admin
    • UX Designer
    • Developer
    • SMEs
    • Community Participants

      • Community Manager(s) keeps participants safe and engaged.

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