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  • How do I select a pilot project with a good chance of success? Whatfunctions does social learning support well? #TK10

    Source: Presentation  What functions does social learning support well? Consumpution How does SL support efficient consumption? Use feedback such as visits, ratings, comments, and reviews to help learners identify and find the most useful learning content. Which SL tools support consumption? Views, Votes, Polls, Ratings, Tags, Comments, Group “games” MMORGs/simulations/scenarios Some LMS’s have these […]

  • #TK10PRE #TK10 140 University – “Discover and share classes in the formof knowledge nuggets

    140 University –  “Discover and share classes in the form of knowledge nuggets and related links to web pages, videos,  etc – in less than 140 characters.  Explore the classes that you are interested in!”

  • Micca Presentation from 2007

    Social Computing in the Enterprise PowerPoint and References PowerPoint social-computing-in-the-enterprise.ppt References Benedictus, L. (2006, November 4). Feed Burner, Dick Costolo. Guardian Unlimited. Retrieved November 8, 2006, from,,1939196,00.html Blog. (2006, November 4). Wikipedia. Retrieved November 4, 2006, from Blogging for business. (2006, November). T+D, 60(11), 14. Bull, G. (2006, November). A tool for collective intelligence. Learning […]