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  • #TK10 Notes from MetLife M-Learning Case Study: From Pilot toEnterprise Implementation

    Mobile learning – any knowledge shared through a mobile device (blackberry, iphone, smart phones, pda). Analysis Internal search, vendors, platforms Sales would be a good group to start with. Marketing product updates might be a good target also. What are the business drivers and needs that make mobile learning a possible deliver medium? Business Needed/Users […]

  • Notes from Marc Roenberg’s – What Every Manager Must Know aboutLearning 2.0 Session Now. #TK10

    These are my scattered notes from: In Marc Roenberg’s – What Every Manager Must Know about Learning 2.0 Session Now.  #TK10 Influences and changes it is going to bring. What is learning 2.0? We live in a real-time world; therefore it changes everything we do. Education – Stable content, learn for the futuer, apply to […]

  • Web 2.0 Effectiveness #TK10

    Use these techniques and more to created effetive Web 2.0  system Use blogs to gather and share data Have effective search systems to acess content Assign “wiki gardenters” to review postings Have well documented processes and guidelines (ASTD Study)

  • How do I select a pilot project with a good chance of success? What functions does social learning support well? #TK10

    Source: Presentation  What functions does social learning support well? Consumpution How does SL support efficient consumption? Use feedback such as visits, ratings, comments, and reviews to help learners identify and find the most useful learning content. Which SL tools support consumption? Views, Votes, Polls, Ratings, Tags, Comments, Group “games” MMORGs/simulations/scenarios Some LMS’s have these […]

  • Formulating the Social Learning Strategy #TK10

    Source: Innovation Strategy Models Models to consider for strategy development Prefer a series of fast tactical social learning projects over a big bang launch Don’t bet the farm on technology De-Risking Invest in a portfolio of strategic innovation initiatives Emergent Strategy Theory When a “best” solution has not emerged, choose the most flexible strategy.

  • Addressing the Gaps in Social Learning Readiness #TK10

    Source: If you have a gap in You may be facing… You might try to… Culture An inhospitable organizational curlture Start very small Community A community without a real need. Look for other target communities or subdivind this one futhre Support Lac of real support Build awareness; strategic planning; and/or an underground initiative People […]

  • Key Dimensions of Organization Readiness for Social Learning #TK10

    Source: Culture – Receptive environment for learning (Community, Culture) Community Support (Sbstantive upper-level support, tangible signs of support from senior leadership, budgetary, organizational clout) People (High level of ability to execute) Processes (High level of ability to execute) We’re looking for processs that can be leveraged to suport successful social learning, especially in the […]

  • Risks of Social Learning or Fear and Loathing in Social Media #TK10

    Source: Sharing to much of your IP Distribution of misinformation Innappropriate conduct in work environment Liability from either of the above Information “leaks” (IP in insecure) Wasting time and/or resources “playing around” Giving up control Perceived inablility tomeasure resulsts Risk/Benefit Analysis Situations that might not be suited for social learning, or that might require […]

  • Benefits of Adopting Social Learning #TK10

    Benefits to the Learner Able to access information as needed and on demand Imporved depth and breadth of information available than with only formal learning (crowdsourcing and/or long-tail effect) Rapidly access up-to-date infomration Information is verified and vetted by large community Sense of ownership and pride Democratization of content Benefits to the Business Decreate cost […]

  • Real-time social media search and analysis #TK10

    Did you know that you can get you “Real-time social media search and analysis” on your company or any other one from Social Mention ( “Receive free daily email alerts of your brand, company, CEO, marketing campaign, or on a developing news story, a competitor, or the latest on a celebrity.” #TK10

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